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DVRKO ft. Sarah De Warren’s “Somewhere In L.A.” Gets A Monster Remix Pac

” The mysterious masked EDM producer known as DVRKO sure is one busy guy. Lately, it seems he's got a huge new release every week! (By the way, we still don't know his true identity…but when the music is this good, does identity really matter?) DVRKO's latest release is a kick-ass remix bundle of his latest single with Sarah De Warren, “Somewhere In L.A.” and it includes re-works by DVKO's buddies Golf Clap, Klue, Otto Benson, Tony Arzadon, and Tony Romera.

DVRKO credit Kavan The Kid

DVRKO credit Kavan The Kid

First, though, you've gotta peep DVRKO's music video for the original version of this song, which utilizes custom puppets (think, “The Muppets,” only with an edge) representing the producer and his girl in a love-triangle shot throughout Los Angeles. (It hurts the brain to think how difficult it was to film this music video! Watch it below and you'll see why.)

(Watch the official music video for DVRKO ft Sarah De Warren, “Somewhere In L.A.,” here:  )


We've ranked the remixes of DVRKO's “Somewhere In L.A.,” below! SMARTLINK

#1 The Tony Arzadon Remix. What can we say? We love Tony Arzadon, not just for his sound, but because the dude's got a super-positive, always sunny disposition that's magnetic. There's a trance-y vibe to his remix and, while it veers into pop, his melodically strumming synths underlie the remix from the get-go and lend it a happier vibe. Azardon uses horns really nicely, too! The held-back pause right before the chorus hits feels uplifting. It literally lifts your spirits. One thing that'll be appreciated by all the DJs out there is the percussive, generously long outro on this version.

#2 The Golf Clap Remix. This one's got a really banging 4/4-beat where we actually had to turn the volume down a few notches and we're groovin' to this noticeably proggier, more dance-y mix. It's funky, minimal-yet-groovy, loopy, and fun! We really like what Golf Clap did with their remix, especially what they did with De Warren's vocal. This edit is definitely more suited for a packed dancefloor — soon, my friends, soon — than the original version.

#3 The Tony Romera Remix. We're liking this progressive atmosphere and the 4/4-beat. It takes a bit longer to build on the intro and it has a sort of dissonance to the synths that underlie the chorus, and that's a good thing. This remix is moody and superbly cinematic.

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#4 The Otto Benson Remix. We like the feel of this, it's got more of a house groove happening here. The chorus uses a bit more syncopation than the original of the song, although we're ranking this lower than the Golf Clap Remix if you put a gun to our heads.

#5 The Klue Remix. This edit is just fine when compared with the original and there are no bad remixes in this bundle.





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