Last Night, SLANDER and Excision premiered their new collaboration during their long-anticipated back to back set at HiJinx Music Festival. Fans were expecting a legendary set during this music event, but not many expected a collaborative track in the process.

For weeks, HiJinx attendees have spoken about this special set and what was to be expected. It was definitely a one-of-a-kind performance that could not be missed. For those who did, surely you are experiencing some serious FOMO (we sure are). Attendees who experienced this once in a lifetime performance were fortunate to listen to a SLANDER and Excision collaboration for the first time ever. Now, everyone is desperately waiting for the new track to actually be released.

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SLANDER recently announced that the new collaboration is called “Your Fault” and will be released very soon. Certainly, it will be a new 2020 release. However, when exactly in 2020 will it be released? Stay tuned for updates on the release date.

Check out the announcement of the new single and watch its debut at HiJinx Music Festival below.

Photo Credited to Hijinx Music Festival.

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