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Jonas Blue Talks Collabs And Launch Of New Label [Interview]

I caught up with Jonas Blue shortly after he played an incredible set at the Perry's stage at Lollapalooza. His set included originals like “Fast Car” and the newest release “I Wanna Dance”, as well as a mashup of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”, Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy”, and Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” that blew the crowd away.

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Welcome to Lollapalooza! Amazing set! How are you feeling after that energy?
“To come off an amazing stage, an amazing time, the crowds were insane, I’m feeling good. It was my 30th birthday yesterday as well so at 30 years and a day old, I’m good! This is my first time playing Lollapalooza-Chicago. I played Lollapalooza Paris a few weeks ago, and before that I did Lollapalooza Germany.”

You also recently played a great set at Tomorrowland! Do you have a different mindset going into a festival that’s more diverse genre-wise such as Lolla instead of an electronic focused festival?
“Tomorrowland was good vibes! It’s my second year playing the main stage. Man, I can’t even explain what it’s like to be standing up on that stage. I stand on a lot of stages, but there’s something about that one. With all the production they put in, all the different people from different countries and cultures right there in front of your face. You stand up there and almost feel like God. That’s the only way I can describe it. It’s the weirdest, most spiritual type feeling when you’re up there.

There are certain things you can definitely try out at places like Tomorrowland. Places like Lollapalooza-Chicago, you’re obviously around a lot of American-based DJs who a lot of times play quite hard. I try to do the exact opposite. I come in and I’ll play more British, more European and more ‘housey’. I do prepare differently. It’s more about the countries and kind of knowing what sounds they’re into.”

Speaking of diverse genres, you teamed up with Liam from One Direction late last year for “Polaroid”. How did that collaboration come about?
“In the U.K., the same as the U.S., you do a lot of radio-type events that you play for. I met Liam about a year earlier at a radio event in the U.K.. He had a song called “Strip That Down” out at the time, written by Ed Sheeran. I loved his sound and I said ‘Oh we should do something’, and about a year after that we finally got in the studio and wrote “Polaroid”. It was an amazing experience! I don’t think many people were expecting that collab. It was a lot of fun. He is a really nice guy.”

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You also have “Ritual” with Rita Ora & Tiesto which has been blowing up since its recent release. Do you have any collaborations in the works currently or are you focusing more towards some solo singles?
“There is another collaboration. If we can get it to happen it will be at the end of the year. It’s with another artist in my world, another DJ. This is the one that everyone has been asking for!”

You’ve recently started your own label – congrats! The label actually has your newest solo single “I Wanna Dance”. What went into the decision to start Electronic Nature?
“A lot of people we’re saying to me ‘You’re the pop guy’ or ‘You’re the Spotify guy.’ It felt like I really didn’t have any kind of credibility for my production in the dance world because it wasn’t ‘underground’ enough. I was just like ‘F*ck it! I’m going to make a dance label, put out a couple records, and show the people who say I’m not cool enough that I have these types of records.”

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Your parents have always been a big part of your music career. Will they have any involvement in the label?
“Not really. My parents are just fans of music. It’s just kind of encouragement really. They’re there for me all the time. I took my dad out on tour with me last week around Asia. He loved that!”

Finally – you’re a big sneaker fanatic. Do you have a favorite pair at the moment?
Levi collabed with Jordan. All denim Jordan 4s. I won’t ever wear them because they’re too precious. I even bought the jacket that came with it. I’ve got it fully there in my room, not being touched. The jacket doesn’t come out either. It’s wicked!

I would like to thank Jonas Blue for taking the time to chat after his set. You can catch everything about Jonas at his website.

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