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Odesza Finishes Their 2+ Year “A Moment Apart” Tour In Spectacular Fashion, But What’s Next For The Duo?

Odesza has been touring for over two years since the release of their Grammy-nominated album A Moment Apart was released in September of 2017. Technically the duo has been touring for over two years considering they kicked off A Moment Apart production at Red Rocks in May of 2017. Regardless of official start dates, Harrison and Clay have been at it nonstop for quite a while.

After headlining countless festivals, throwing their very own festival, and releasing a deluxe version of their most celebrated album, the guys took the stage for the last time in LA last night. It was an emotional experience for everyone involved. Especially for Naomi Wild who teared up during the final rendition of a reprise of “Higher Ground”.

Naomi Wild teared up on her last concert with Odesza… got me emotional af too (thank you odesza for an amazing concert) from r/EDM

The Scope of A Moment Apart

Odesza truly did something incredible on this tour. They upped their production value significantly, bringing a drumline to every single performance, as well as a full band including a brass section, violinist and a range of vocalists.

The guys continually played unreleased remixes and edits of some of their most loved tracks and kept fans guessing every set even after nearly 100 shows around the world. A Moment Apart was truly one of the most spectacular tours electronic music has ever witnessed. So with its conclusion, the answer that needs to be asked is – “What's Next?”.

So, What Is Next

While Odesza has not yet officially announced their plans after returning home, it is safe to say that the production of their next studio album will start (or continue) soon.

The guys have stated before that they draw a lot of inspiration for new music from experiences while on tour. The name of their breakout album, In Return came from the bizarre feeling of returning home after a long time on the road. A Moment Apart dwarfs the tour that inspired much of In Return, so it is safe to assume some incredible new music is on the way.

That being said Odesza has always valued quality over quantity. The gap between albums commonly is not months but several years. So it is not unreasonable to assume we will not see the next Odesza long-play until 2022 or beyond.

That being said, Harrison and Clay are always full of surprises, so who knows when we could be hearing new music. In my opinion, I would rather them take all the time they need and to create something even more special than A Moment Apart. I am not sure if that is even possible, but if anyone can do it – it is them.

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