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Mokita – Til I Don’t

Nashville based singer-songwriter, Mokita, is releasing incredibly catchy electronic infused pop music. “Til I Don't” is the last song to come out of his heartfelt catalog, and it is sounding great (Even though it hit me right in the feels and made me miss an ex). The slick production and instrumentation is the perfect canvas for his deep lyrics and crooning top line. Read a quote from Mokita below and under that listen to “Til I Don't”. Enjoy!

“Til I Don’t’’ is just about not being ready to move on from someone yet. When you go through a break up, you and the other person don’t move on at the same rate. The person in this song is simply saying ‘I’m not over you, so I’m gonna miss you until I don’t anymore’. I think it has this kind of playfulness to it in the melody and production, while lyrically its slightly sad. I think that dichotomy of sad/happy is always something in music that I've been drawn to.” – Mokita


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