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Israeli-American singer/songwriter, performer and dancer Kfir further establishes his  presence as an independent artist as he drops his latest fun and sassy new track “Fan A Bitch” currently out now!  

Described by Kfir as “a world club culture inspired track,” FAB is an unapologetic, sassy show of being who you want to be. With a soundscape that blends Kfir’s love for pop music with his expansive musical influences born from his background as a performer, the track is  meaningful with its confidence-instilling message and also encourages everyone to dance  with its happy vibe. Far more intricate and purposeful than any of Kfir’s previous releases, FAB also features  passionate LGBTQI activist for TLM & BLM and rapper/performer Sis, whose involvement  with the track elevates it to a whole new level.  

Delving to the story behind the track, he noted : “ FAB started as a club inspiration. Last fall I  went to a dance party in NYC called Battle Hymn. That night I was more people watching and  listening to what the DJ was playing than dancing. So in came this beautiful person, full of confidence and not caring who is around, holding a club fan in their hand and some elaborate  outfit and started dancing so hard they cleared the floor. They came in, performed and  conquered everyone's attention while dancing and flapping the fan. That night as I was  leaving, I started saying FAN A BITCH and basically filed it on my phone till one day I just  started singing the chorus and it all started from that point.”  

Naturally artistic and creative, Kfir’s finds inspiration in anywhere and in everything. Drawing  from his experience at Battle Hymn, the melody for the track fell into place while Kfir was co writing with Javier Cardellino, followed by the lyrical content.  A track that encompasses the voices that deserve to be heard, FAB’s music video brings a  similar sense of multi-culturalism with its future visual mix of cabaret, Vogue, and urban club  street feel with a diverse cast representative of the power and perseverance of NYC artists.  And the fire that still lives within NYC arts scenes during these world changing times.  

Talking about what he hopes listeners will take away from “Fan A Bitch,” Kfir said : “ I really  hope that people from every walk of life will find something to connect too in it. To bring  some fun, happiness and sass to them, remind them that it’s ok to be who you are and not be  afraid to express it. To restore some confidence to a lot of people that lost it.”  

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