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the cure to loneliness
the cure to loneliness

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Jai Wolf Releases New Album “The Cure to Loneliness”

No matter what genre of music you listen to, you've probably heard of Jai Wolf's “Indian Summer”. It's the track that put him on the map and launched him into stardom. After a 16 month hiatus, he recently came back onto the scene last year with his track “Lost” featuring Chelsea Jade. The DJ was pretty quiet after that but now Sajeeb Saha AKA Jai Wolf has come back with his new album “The Cure to Loneliness”. The album features a variety of tracks, from indie to more electronic chillwave sounds.

“The Cure to Loneliness” is exactly what the EDM scene needed. Jai Wolf cross-genre boarders with “Lose My Mind” – an indie rock track that is honestly amazing. Then, Jai Wolf goes right back to electronic with “Telepathy”. “Telepathy” is a chill and relaxed track, but is right on track for the vibe Jai Wold wanted for this album.

“I like writing songs that have a duality, a complexity of feeling that takes you to a melancholy, reflective space. My music is for people who are desperately dreaming beyond where they are at right now—it can be the future, it can be the past. I want you to feel nostalgic – I want you to reflect on your life. I also want you to be inspired about where your life could go,” says Saha.

All in all, the 12 track album is a dreamy escape from the real world. Just like he said, all of the tracks are perfect for those “dreaming beyond where they are”. The inspiration soundscapes and lyrics will keep you inspired and working towards your ultimate goals.

Listen to “The Cure to Loneliness” here:


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