Back in May of 2018, Martin Garrix went after “fake artists” that would upload Martin Garrix's unreleased songs and upload them to fake Spotify accounts. Because of this, Martin Garrix vowed to not perform unreleased songs during his live sets moving forward.

When it came to Martin Garrix's Ultra performance, everyone was waiting for Martin Garrix to test out his new material, but the DJ and producer dropped one unreleased track during his entire performance. Just moments after his set, Martin Garrix announced that his new single “Mistaken” was released with Matisse Sadko and Alex Aris. Needless to say, Martin Garrix didn't need to worry about his unreleased song getting out before he could officially release it.

Stream “Mistaken” by Martin Garrix, Matisse & Sadko, and Alex Aris below: