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Here is Our Ultra Music Festival 2019 Preparation Guide

Ultra Music Festival is officially next week! That means that it is time to prepare for this phenomenal annual event. Many changes are taking place this year, so it is especially important that you figure out how you are going to get there, what you should bring, and what you should wear.

1. Figure Out Your Way of Transportation
At this year's festival, there will be absolutely no parking at its new location, Virginia Key. Instead, Ultra is holding a free shuttle system that all attendees can use. To be eligible to use the suttle, you must have your wristband. You will not be allowed to ride the shuttle if you don't have it.

There will be three different locations where you can take the shuttle. To find the right shuttle location for you, click here. There will be parking available at location A and B. To pay for this parking, you can purchase your pass here.

There will also be a Ferry Transit available for attendees. This form of transportation is not free, but you will be heading to the music festival with quite a luxurious view of Miami. To ride, you must purchase a Ferry pass here.

2. Schedule Set Times
Recently, Ultra Music Festival updated their app for their Miami event. Set times have just been released. To avoid getting lost at the venue and getting confused as to who is playing where and when, schedule your set times. If you are confused as to who you should see, check out our Ultra Music Festival 2019 Must-See List.

3. Bring a Portable Charger/Charging Case
It's important that you bring a portable charger/charging case to the event. There will be 12 straight hours of dance music each day, so surely, your phone may lose battery at some point. Bringing a charger will allow you to take as many photos and videos as you want. You will also be able to check out the set times whenever you please. Most importantly, it will help you to stay in contact with your friends in case you lose each other.

4. Stay hydrated
Staying hydrated during the festival is very important. Miami is known to be hot all year round, so staying hydrated is definitely key. Make sure to bring a Hydration Pack that will allow you to fill up water at the refillable water stations at the event. Confirm that your water pack follows the event's guidelines. If you don't own a hydration pack, make sure that you take enough money to the event to purchase water.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothing
It will be very hot in Miami. You want to make sure that you wear clothing that will keep you cool. Tanks and shorts are definitely the best way to go. You will give your skin enough air to breathe. Long sleeves and jeans will make you hotter than you need to be. Cool clothing will also prevent you from becoming dehydrated or from having a heat stroke.

6. Locate the Medical Tents
In case you or a friend may need medical attention during the festival, you need to know where the medical tents are. Visit the tents once you get to the festival. This way you know where to go in case something drastic happens.

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7. Create a Meeting Point
Just in case you separate from your friends, set up a meeting spot. Sometimes, you may not have any phone service at the event or your phone may lose battery. A meeting spot will help you to connect with your friends once again. Pick a spot that all of you have visited before. Choosing a random spot can cause some confusion and may prevent all of you from finding each other.

8. Activate Your Wristband and Don't Forget to Bring it
This is one of the most important things to do when going to Ultra. The wristband is your ticket into not only the festival but the shuttles as well. Without this, you will not be able to go to either one. Not activating your wristband is the same thing as not bringing it at all. Activating your band will allow security to know that the wristband is yours and will grant you access into the festival.

9. Stay Positive and Have Fun
Everyone at the event is there for the same reason as you are, to have fun! Good vibes will keep the party going for not only you, but for everyone around you. What matters is that you have fun and enjoy the amazing music. Truthfully, not everyone can say that they've been to the world's #1 dance music festival before, so enjoy it and make it count!

Stay tuned for more updates on this year's Ultra Music Festival.


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