Black Tiger Sex Machine is here with their new “Download the Future” EP. The two-track EP is hopefully just a tease for new music that will be soon coming our way.

The first track, “Hacker” is a mindblowing collab with Blanke. I've honestly never heard anything it before. The track is techy and deep and everything we could ask for. But at the end of the track, we're surprised with an almost house-like drop – which honestly takes the track to a whole new level. Earlier this year, we got a preview of a BTSM x Kayzo collaboration that sounds incredibly insane. If it's anything like this collab with Blanke, we won't know what to do with ourselves.

The second and final track on the EP, “Download the Future” brings the same hype and feel as “Hacker”. But, without the intense house drop at the end. This track is deep, dark and heavy. The dramatic opening gets us hyped up for the first drop which, of course, doesn't disappoint.

Listen to “Download the Future” here: