Don't let the track art scare you. Getter's new track “Ham Sandwich” is worth staring at the cover art. “Ham Sandwich” is a deep and heavy trap track that we definitely weren't expecting, considering the artists claim of quitting EDM in the past.

This is the first track he's dropped since his album “Visceral” last year. It's wobbly and wonky and weird and I love it. It's like nothing we've heard from the artist before, and it's left us wanting more.

Before the release of this track, Getter announced that he is working on a new album and “wants it perfect”. Seeing Getter's ability to cross genres like no other, we're curious to see what direction this new album will go in. Just in his last album “Visceral”, Getter showed us that he won't be known for just one thing.

So, we're not sure when the album will come but will be (im)patiently waiting.

Listen to “Ham Sandwich” here: