Getter has gone through countless transformations over the course of his career. He got his break in the bass world, producing heavy forward-thinking dubstep hits. Many of which continue to stand the test of time. The quality aging of Getter's earlier work can be attributed to how the producer has always had a forward-thinking mindset.

Getter was even one of the earliest artist to flirt with the production of future bass as the genre began to break into the scene circa 2014. While none of his songs saw official releases, his Planet Neutral alias continues to mark a high point for the now over-saturated paradigm of the future-genres.

Now, many years later, after a brief hiatus and experimentation with rapping, Getter has released what is without a doubt his finest work yet. Step inside the mind of one of EDM's most talented and complex producers with ‘Visceral'.

Getter – Visceral

There has been a ton of hype leading up to the release of this 12-track album. It feels as if both Getter and Deadmau5 have been hyping this release up for well over a year. In total transparency, I started to doubt the album because of the amount of promotion the industry conducted in its favor. Now upon listening to it all the way through I understand.

‘Visceral' gives fans and newcomers a look into the head of Getter. While many might have been expecting the musical equivalent of a “SUH DUDE”, instead Getter delivered a masterpiece.

Complex, Variation, and Excellence

Tracks range from future bass to funk, from rap to ambient. All in all, ‘Visceral' has something for everyone to enjoy. Many of the records featured on the LP are so crisp and clean, they could be mistaken for the work of Flume.

Complexity can be found throughout the album. Arrangements with dozens of layers are featured regularly. Surprises tempo changes that keep listeners on their toes and iEDM elements are commonplace.

You may have found out about Getter through his goofy social media footprint, but now we can all see the heart and soul of the man who never let criticism nor apathy keep him away from the studio. To sum it up neatly – ‘Visceral' is one of the best electronic music albums to be released in the last several years. Check it out below.

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