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Chris Lastovicka releases new remix for “The 7th Chapter of Job”

Don't get us wrong, we absolutely love originals, but when a remix does such a good job that you have to rethink which is the better version –  Chris Lastovicka did a phenomenal job with this one. Let's start it off with how we initially felt while listening to this song.

Chris Lastovicka has remixed an already intricate track called “The 7th Chapter of Job”, and let us tell you, we’re spooked. Don’t take it the wrong way; when we say we’re spooked, we meant it in the best ways possible. We were spooked not only because of the sound he was able to create in this remix, it’s chilling how good the remix actually was. Listening to it gave us chills down our spine and we love it! This track is perfect for those feeling dark and gloomy during these cold, Winter nights.

How are you getting through your days this Winter? This track is for those going through deep suffering to the fullest but with the freedom of expressing what their hearts are telling them. We’re on a journey of self-discovery, a journey of finding out who we really are. Feel the strange come over you like a waterfall crashing down in the Niagara Falls.

Can you feel it? Can you feel the music coming over you? Use the music of Chris Lastovicka to inspire and instill a new path that we want to be heading in. Take what you are feeling and let it tell you what it wants to tell you. The best person to tell you who you are is yourself, no one else. Always listen for new music!

Lose yourself in the sonic imperfections and see yourself in the mirror of self-discovery. We’re on a path together and Chris wants us to lead the way. Listen to “The 7th Chapter of Job” by Chris Lastovicka and feel the exact same chill down your spine.


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