EDC Fans, there is something special coming your way this Friday. This is especially special for those who have been going to the iconic festival since its Los Angeles days. There will be a new EDC Los Angeles 2010 documentary, created and written by filmmaker, Le Liu.

It seems a little strange that an EDC Los Angeles documentary would be released 9 years after its last event, but this is no ordinary documentary. “The Last Dance” talks about the dance music movement and it's beginnings towards harm reduction. It also speaks about the last EDC Los Angeles event and all the complications that led it to move to its new Las Vegas home.

Le Liu shared his inspiration for the documentary on his website:

“… electronic music and harm reduction are near and dear to my heart. To this day, I still consider EDC 2010 – both the festival itself as well as all the conversation and changes which came out of it – to be one of the most unique and significant events in the history of dance culture safety. I am honored to share this documentary with you, and hope you walk away remembering this story with as much meaning as I've held all these years.”

The new film will be available for free on Youtube and Vimeo. This means that anyone can watch it.

You can check out the trailer below.

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