The Aston Shuffle are here to start 2019 with a breathtaking new single. ‘Stay' sees the duo team up with London-based DJ/producer Fabich and American singer/songwriter Dana Williams, laying down a dense but playful beat and inviting, pop tinged vocals. The result is nothing less than a sweet and infatuated tune with expending positivity. A record that's sure to spark up a fire this winter season, it is out now on The Magician's Potion label.

“Vance and I were in LA in early 2018 for a week of writing and production sessions, and we really wanted to do something with Fabich – his track “One, Two” was a huge favourite of ours, and we had gotten to know him through the connection with Potion and The Magician”

‘Stay’ is the new vocal anthem of three acts, boasting uptempo beats and impressive, straight forward riffs, while catchy hooks turn the track into a real earworm. This Potion release touches the senses on numerous levels, from its appealing, hot dance rhythms to innovative use of vocals and melodies. Surely a milestone in these artists ever evolving careers, taking their talents to exciting new soil, while staying true to their roots.

“We got together at our good friend Hook N Sling’s studio, and Fabich played us some tracks he had been working on. He had started this track already with Dana Williams, and it really jumped out at us immediately as being pretty special. We ended up overhauling the song quite a bit from where it initially started, but we couldn’t be happier with the end result and it feels like a good blend of both of our production styles.”

Check out my favorite release of this week, ‘Stay' by The Aston Shuffle, Fabich, & Dana Williams!