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Shuffle Dance Videos & The Best Shuffle Dancers

The shuffle dance was created in the 1980s and is an improvised dance where the person will repeatedly “shuffle” with their feet inwards, outwards, while thrusting one's arms up down, side to side, or to the beat of the song. Despite being created in the 1980s, the dance has had a rebirth due to house music and the EDM Movement. Below you will find some of the most popular shuffle dancers as well as some of the best shuffle dance videos.

Shuffle Dance Videos & The Best Shuffle Dancers

The Best Shuffle Dancers

Elena Cruz aka @ecruz_n

Elena Cruz is the most popular shuffle dancer with close to 2 million followers across her social media channels.

Gabby David aka @gabbyjdavid

Gabby David is an inspiration to thousands of people around the world, not only for her incredible shuffle moves, but also due to her neurological disorder.

Sabrina aka @rebelindustry

Sabrina is a Canadian shuffle dancer and has thousands of followers on social media.

Who is the most famous shuffle dancer?

With close to 2 million followers across her social media platforms, Elena Cruz is one of the most widely recognized shuffle dancers in the world today.

Is the shuffle dance still popular?
The shuffle was widely popular in the 1980s, but has grown one again in popularity due to EDM festivals and shows.

Who made shuffle dance famous?

The shuffle dance was originally introduced in Australia back in the 1980s. The “Melbourne Shuffle” become a hit sensation in the Melbourne rave scene.

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