The Dutch production duo Majestique is back on the scene to kick off 2019 with a new single. They have put together another stellar fusion of retro and future pop elements to create “How U Been,” which is uplifting and undeniably catchy.

Featuring the talented Miles Hi, work on this track came after a solid period of concentration on their debut album (which has gone on to hit over 1.4 million streams). Complete with a specially designed piece of artwork, the pair says of this latest offering: “Our close friend Miles Hi came along with this amazing song about this person that everyone meets in his or her life that is kryptonite. So we decided to make it as disco and unpolished as possible, similar to the relation that you should have with this person. 

Fun, feelgood and finished off with smooth grooves and sweet synth melodies, we are going to hear a lot more of this one over the coming weeks.