In the opening 5 minutes of W&W's latest installment of their radio show Rave Culture, the guys dropped a major bomb. Before going into the second song of the radio shows, W&W drop the news that they had a conversation with Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso last week where the two reveal they had a lot of new music coming from Swedish House Mafia.

This certainly sounds like a full Swedish House Mafia album could be on the way in 2019. Chances are we will be hearing at least in a single in the near future as they prepare for their world tour in the latter half of 2019. Take a listen to the clip below around 4 minutes in…

Wynn Nightlife Stirs Up Some More Hype

I will be honest, this next little Swedish House Mafia rumor does not hold as much weight as the W&W news, but it is still worth examining. Wynn Nightlife which runs some of the most renowned clubs in Las Vegas stirred up some excitement with an announcement of an announcement coming on January 10th.

The visual used for the pre-announcement is in line with the branding Swedish House Mafia has been using. That being said a black and white, sans-serif fontface does not necessary confirm anything…but it would make sense for the guys to return to Vegas for a few shows during their world tour.

Stay tuned over the next few days to see if this rumor carries any weight.