Exactly one week ago, I had the chance to attend Simulation Events' Modestep + Levitation Jones event in Miami at the nightclub, Club Space. Every bass lover was welcomed to the event to headbang and breakneck. Simulation events aimed to bring the best bass music to all of its attendees, and, surely, that is what they did.

Many different artists took the stage on Friday night, such as Modestep, Levitation Jones, Deep in the Bass Clouds, and many more. Each artist did not fail to bring an epic set nor did they lack any bass music. Dubstep, Trap, Filthstep and many more music styles were played throughout the entirety of the event, so there was no way that one can get bored. It was definitely a night to remember.

Deep in the Bass Clouds brought some great wubs that had every attendee vibing. His set was definitely enjoyable and was a great way to prepare the audience for what was to come. Levitation Jones took the stage afterward, playing some bass music that had amazing basslines and brought some great vibes. The audience surely enjoyed dancing to his set; there wasn't a single person who disliked the DJ-producer's music.

Modestep was definitely the best performance of the event. The DJ duo group played a variety of music, constantly changing the pace of the set. Moshpits were continuously being formed, attendees were headbanging excessively, and the music had everyone going crazy. The duo even played some new music, including a new collaboration with PhaseOne. You can only imagine how hard that track was, making its future release more exciting. Truthfully, Modestep took the club by storm. It was a set that nobody can forget.

We can't wait to see what more is to come from Simulation Events during the 2019 year. Certainly, after attending this event, they have the potential of creating an event that is unlike any other.

Hello, Everyone! My name is Sophia, but most people call me Sophy. I am a recent English Writing and Rhetoric graduate from Florida International Univesity and in the process of earning a Masters in Writing and Rhetoric. I write here for EDM Sauce and I truly enjoy it. My all-time favorite artists are Seven Lions and Porter Robinson. However, I do enjoy most sub-genres of dance music.