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Riddim Travelers ft. Dutchess & Cherae- Rewind

Within seconds of hearing the first drumbeats, you are immediately immersed into the vibrant, tropical paradise that is Jamaica. As the seductive, yet soulful voice of Atlanta’s very own Cherae come into play, the Caribbean fantasy is fulfilled as the rhythm of the song open up to a full-on dancehall anthem. “Hey, DJ play my song…” Cherae echoes as she invites you to hop on the dance floor.

In a surprising, yet welcomed twist, “Rewind” summons the smooth, lyrical rhymes of rapper and EDM vocalist Dutchess. Her quick tongue hits swiftly, but the melodious tone of her voice allows the rap to sit comfortably in the track’s fast-paced beat.

Cherae. photo: Monom Records.

The energetic music video showcases the Jamaican capital of Kingston, where a train station acts as the backdrop for the entirety of the song. Here we are introduced to Cherae, as her sequined stilettos march down the train station’s platform. Her blood red and creamy white dreadlocks cascade to the floor as she begins to sing her first notes.

Dutchess. photo: Monom Records.

As Dutchess’ rap commences, her quirky sense of fashion comes into focus as her short blond hair and rosy pink lips frame the large blue sunglasses that conceal her eyes. Wearing a sequined top and a matching choker necklace, Dutchess takes over the screen with her peculiar presence.

Alexx Antaeus. photo: Monom Records.

“Rewind” is the mastermind of veteran producer Alexx Antaeus and highlights his uncanny ability to create a catchy, dance-friendly beat. Antaeus oversees Riddim Travelers, a collective of vocalists and musicians, and has perfectly paired the group with the alluring vocals of Cherae and the irresistible rapping of Dutchess. The result is a radio-friendly, rhythmic track that oozes Caribbean flavor.



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