One of the most closely watched stories in the world of dance music throughout 2018 has been where Ultra Music Festival will end up in 2019. The festival was more or less evicted from its home in Bayfront Park after a series of vocal citizens and councilmen shot down the contract extension which would have allowed Ultra to take place downtown for 5 years.

In October, news broke that the festival was seeking to relocate to Virginia Key, a small island south of the city of Miami. The city falls under the jurisdiction of Biscayne Bay, and the city's mayor-elect Mike Davey has released a borderline insane video against the festival's relocation efforts. In the video imagery such as a dirty syringe, riot behavior, and other insane stock photos can be seen as a voice over from the mayor plays.

Mike Davey Video Uses Fear-Mongering Tactics

The video is so absolutely ridiculous, it very well could count as slander against Ultra Music Festival. The festival is not concerned about that at the moment though. They have responded in a reasonable and empassioned statement explaining that the video does not represent the festival, and is working in a civil matter to secure a location for their 2019 edition.

Watch the video for yourself below. It is sad, and dispicable that politicians are still working so hard with fear-mongering tactics in 2018, mayor-elect Mike Davey has shown his true colors early on, and it's clear he is not above lying to push his agenda through.

Ultra Music Festival Responds