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Everything You Need For EDC Orlando 2018

EDC Orlando is upon us and it's time get prepared! Since you'll most likely be at the festival all day, it's essential to come prepared and ready to party into the night.

Here are some things that I've found are essential to bring to EDC Orlando.

  1. Your wristband – This is a given but it's easy to forget! Make sure you put it on before you leave or in your bag before anything else!
  2. Photo ID – Just in case it's needed at security or if you're over 21 trying to drink.
  3. Hydration pack – Water is essential every day but especially at a festival. You're going to be dancing and moving around a lot, all while surrounded by tons of other hot bodies. There are free water stations so staying hydrated should be easy!
  4. Earplugs – This is a controversial topic to some but your hearing is sacred and you want to attend festivals forever right? Whether it's the cheap orange earplugs or high-quality ones, anything helps!
  5. Tissues/toilet paper – Sometimes, there is no toilet paper in the portapotties…just saying.
  6. Disposable poncho – Right now the forecast calls for rain so better safe than sorry. The party still goes on!
  7. Cash – You never know when card scanners will be down. Be prepared and always have some cash.
  8. Phanny pack – You're going to need something to put all this stuff in.
  9. Bandana – It gets dusty on those fields and you aren't going to want to inhale that all weekend. Invest in a cheap bandana to save you some coughing!
  10. Hand fan – This was something I didn't know I needed at my first festival and immediately purchased on day 2. It gets hot in those crowds and you'll want to keep yourself cool with a fan.
  11. Hairbands – Following the theme of it gets hot….it gets hot.
  12. Sunscreen – It's Florida and yes you can get sunburned when it's cloudy.
  13. Sunglasses – Just like your hearing, your eyesight is just as important! I would suggest bringing a pair of sunglasses you aren't worried about getting a little messed up and dirty.
  14. Vitamin C packets – Keep raging all weekend with vitamin C! Staying healthy is key at any festival.

See the official EDC Orlando guide here.

What are your must-haves for any festival?


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