Swedish House Mafia is on the cusp of announcing their reunion tour. After reuniting in Miami at the beginning of the year, the guys have been none stop playing up their next tour. Rumors are flying left and right about where the guys will play, but in true Swedish House Mafia nature, Seb, Steve, and Axwell are only letting information trickle out.

Stockholm Sightings

Well, this one seems seemingly obvious. Where else would Swedish House Mafia play, if not Sweden? Posters which were seen around Miami leading up to the trios set at Ultra have been spotted around the Stockholm. These posters have appeared in other cities before, and been confirmed fake, but so far there is no confirmation or public denial that these posters are legitimate.

Steve Angello Confirms Mexico City As A Tour Stop

This past weekend at Ultra Mexico, Steve Angello took the stage and played a truly unforgettable set. While the music and vibes were memorable enough, it is how Steve closed out his set that is getting the most attention.

As he wraps up his last song Steve announced that he will be back in Mexico in 2019 alongside Axwell and Ingrosso. The crowd absolutely loses their mind. So there you have it – dates are beginning to pile up. Where will the group play in the US though? Only time will tell. Check out the announcement below.