Julian Gray’s new EP Autonomous was released Friday on mau5trap. With heartbreaking harmonies meticulously placed around driving basslines and melodies, songs seem to wind through impossible landscapes that appear both organic and simulated in nature. “It Is What It Isn’t” showcases Julian Grays ability to write complex and inspiring pop songs while “Autonomous” blurs the lines between progressive house and psychedelia. Though the album only contains four songs, it covers an incredible range of emotions that blend together perfectly to make an album that feels refreshingly new.

As Joel Zimmerman once put it “Julian Gray, coming in with the hot garbage, as he does.” Well this EP is hot but it’s certainly not garbage.  The snarky comment from the legend himself is a term of endearment. Now that we know Julian Gray is releasing an album on Deadmau5’s label, it’s easy to picture his steadily rising career skyrocket. If you like the album and want to learn some production techniques, you can join over 22k subscribers in watching his tutorial channel, Julian Gray Media.

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