Deadmau5 has had a busy year in 2018. Between performances as both himself and under his Testpilot moniker as well as dropping new originals and collaborations, 2018 has clearly been the year of the mau5. Now as summer and festival season begin to come to an end, it seems that Mau5trap has something big up their sleeve.

In a video posted to social media this morning, the label has teased a major announcement of some kind. The video is interesting for two reasons. First, it flashes coordinates, which many fans have traced to Los Angeles, particularly close to world-renowned club (and Mau5trap favorite venue) Exchange.

The second piece of information is the track used in the teaser video is Deadmau5's unreleased single, Midas' Heel. Fans immediately got incredibly excited at the prospect of a new compilation or at least new release coming from the label.

Mau5trap has something planned – and it is no doubt going to be big. For now, this is all the information we have to work with. Stay tuned for updates as things continue to develop regarding this story.

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