Morgan Page and Le Youth, what a pairing! Besides both residing in Los Angeles, I've never pictured these two having much in common music-wise. Morgan Page has always leaned more towards the Progressive House side of things, while Le Youth is known for his Pop House style. This pairing of artists came to be when Morgan Page’s latest track “Let You Go”, which actually is a more down tempo House track, was recently remixed by Le Youth. Le Youth truly defines ‘remix’ of the track by bumping up the tempo, adding perfectly placed claps, and layering a dance-worthy melody over the top to completely overhaul the already perfect original.

“From the moment I first heard the record, I connected with the vocal and lyrics. After that it was just a matter of turning it into a House track that I can play in the club. This one is already getting lots of spins.” Said Le Youth. Morgan Page also chimed in with his take on the new twist of his track, “Le Youth really knocked this mix out of the park with a chill but radio-friendly mix that has beautiful late summer melancholy vibes. It preserves the integrity of the original, yet bumps up the tempo and tweaks the chord progression for some extra emotion and movement. I'm a big fan of Le Youth's work, and excited to have him on board for this mix!”

Morgan Page – “Let You Go (Le Youth Remix)” is available today via Armada Music.