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Electric Zoo 2018 Exclusive Interview: Hippie Sabotage

Hippie Sabotage is a duo that has been in the game for a long time, consisting of brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer, these guys have been releasing captivating originals and unique remixes while also touring all over the world. They appear to be consistently on top and don't seem to be stopping their momentum anytime soon. With everything that they've been doing there's no doubt that they have made quite a name for themselves, bringing in huge crowds and accumulating new fans every day. Their energy is constant and it is fueled by their undying love for music.

At Electric Zoo 2018 I was able to catch up with the guys for a bit and talk with them about all the new things they have going on. Check it out below…

-So how are you guys doing? How was your summer?

“Good, definitely felt like this summer was our best festival season we have really ever done. It was fantastic, the crowds and the response at our shows has just been amazing.”

-What was your favorite festival of the summer?

Bonnaroo, that was probably our best turn out. It was the wildest crowd for sure and afterwards we got to see Bon Iver and Eminem back to back in the same night. I'm a huge fan of them both (Jeff) so being able to play at the festival and then seeing them perform was really cool. All around it was great.”

-So you guys have obviously been touring a good amount, but as far as music goes what can you tell us about what you have going on?

“At the moment we're gearing up for our spring tour next year but before that we're definitely trying to put out a full length project. That's really it, we are just working and creating as much content as possible. We have a bunch of music in the works, just not sure what form exactly it will take yet. We have a lot of songs so as we narrow down the songs then we'll have a better idea of what our next project will be called and what it will be exactly.”

-Any big collabs you guys have coming up that you can tell us about?

“We got a track with Kembe X featuring Ab-Soul which is gonna be pretty fire once that gets finished. We also have a song with this kid from New York by the name of daydream Masi. We got a good amount of stuff working with him so I'm sure people are going to see one or two of these records come out before the end of the year. We also recently did a song on Denzel Curry's latest project called ‘MAD I GOT IT'. We're really open to work with anybody, we kind of just take it a day at a time and whoever wants to work with us is welcome to, not about forcing anything.”

-So what do you guys think of New York? When was the last time you were here?

“We love it, played a show at Brooklyn Steel earlier this year, great crowd, great place. The sound is also really good at that venue but yeah that was the last time we played here.”

-What's your favorite city to perform at?

(Kevin) “I really like Washington D.C., I love seeing all the landmarks and everything there.”

(Jeff) “I really like anything near the beach. I love where we're from in Sacramento and playing a show over there, really just going back home is my favorite thing.”

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-As far as the scene goes, how do you think it's developing and what do you think it will look like in the future?

“I definitely think its developing where there are more artists versus just djs or producers. There's more well rounded individuals that really try to create a big show. It's also been great to see, especially over the past year, a lot of women have come into the scene who are absolutely dominating right now. Like Rezz or Alison Wonderland, I think that is pretty cool also.”

-When is the next tour for you guys?

“We scheduled this tour throughout California where we're playing shows throughout pretty small cities and towns that people don't really know about or that people don't traditionally go to. They're called the lost cities of California so our tour is called the ‘Lost California Tour'. We're gonna play at these small beach and farm towns, this is happening throughout the month of September and October then we have some off time to continue working on music.”

There you have it, really loved chatting with Hippie Sabotage, they are truly some down to earth dudes who seem to keep riding that wave of great music. They are consistently doing some awesome things in the scene and have a lot of music on the way. So glad I got to sit down with them and am definitely looking forward to what will come for them in the near future!

Also, make sure to check them out as they continue on the rest of their ‘Lost California Tour'!

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