Shaq becoming an accepted and respected dubstep DJ is without a doubt my favorite storyline of 2018. The NBA superstar has been DJing since the mid 80's but in the last few years has picked up some real notoriety from the EDM community. First, he lauded as a celebrity DJ, but recently he has become a bit of a real force in the dubstep community. Shaq has been getting tracks from the underground community and has been dropping heavier sets than anyone could have expected.

This past weekend Shaq was the special guest at Lost Lands 2018. If this was the case a few years ago, attendees would have been disappointed, but this in 2018 and the simulation we live in is THRIVING folks.

Shaq At Lost Lands 2018

Shaq was not only the special guest this year at Lost Lands, but has been highlighted as one of the most fun sets of the entire weekend. While no tracklist for DJ Diesel's set yet exists, it has been reported that his time on the stage included a bunch of heavy riddim.

Between Shaq becoming a decent DJ, the excitement he brings to the crowd, and his track choices, it seems that DJ Diesel might become a household name by the end of 2019. Check out the wild videos below.

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