Rumors are floating around that Okeechobee may not be returning in 2019. So far, there has been no talk of next years dates, line up or tickets. Even after the festival's first year, the original founders resigned, leaving the company to others. Now, we're not sure if we will be on the lake ever again.

In addition, sources have said that the parent company of Okeechobee – Soundslinger LLC – has been “shuttered since Labor Day” and employees have been laid off. While the company still owns the festival land, there is no talk of an Okeechobee 2019.

While the parent company is up in the air, there is also speculation that someone else will be taking over the rights to the festival for the next year. There have been a few updates on the festivals page, but no specific details yet.

The only tweet from Okeechobee about 2019:

See tweets from The Festive Owl for more information: