Mark this one down in the “collaborations we never expected” column. Bastille, the band behind the mega hit “Pompeii” from 2013, has just announced they have a track with Marshmello, called “Happier,” coming out this Friday.

“Last year we wrote a song called ‘Happier’ which we thought would be great as a collaboration,” the band wrote. “We had a lot of fun getting to work on it with Marshmello who managed to find some joy in the melancholy. It’s always good to step into somebody else’s world for a minute and we’re excited for the track to finally be out on Friday.”

The short 10-second preview doesn’t exactly give a full idea of what the collaboration will sound like, but we at least know that it will be a poppier production with some sadder lyrical content. Check it out below, and tune back in on Friday to hear the full thing.