A few years ago, the name Marshmello meant almost nothing to even heavily involved EDM fans. Now, it has become synonymous with chart-topping hits across several genres. Marshmello has become nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. The masked producer who broke onto the scene with incredibly infectious remixes and original productions has used his positive energy and unmistakable branding to create a new generation of electronic music fans.

Marshmello received a bit of hate from some OG fans over the last year as he explored the rap and pop genres through various high profile collaborations. Throughout his time finding massive commercial success, Mello always made it clear that he wasn't changing his style or abandoning his fans – a promise he has made good on today. Marshmello has released Joytime II and returned entirely to the EDM paradigm and the result is more than most expected.

Marshmello – Joytime II

Marshmello announced that he would be releasing an “OG LP” about two months ago. Fans immediately lost their minds over the announcement. After a string of well-received singles, we have finally gotten the chance to hear the full package. So does it live up to the hype? Absolutely.

Let's be clear about one thing up front. Marshmello is not releasing music to demonstrate intense innovation and a forward-thinking mentality. He is releasing music that is made to have to, to dance to, to let loose and smile to. Joytime II is 9 tracks of pure excitement. He jumps between many styles throughout the long play, but the most present is his signature style of electro-trap crossover.

In many ways Joytime II is a thank you to his day one fans. A thank you for helping him become the worldwide superstar he is today and a thank for being patient while he pushed his fame to new heights in different arenas of sound. Marshmello has come back to dance music for now, so let go of the resentment and enjoy the gift he has given us. Check out the full album below.

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