Arty revealed a new song last night in tribute to Avicii called “For Tim” at Bassmnt.

It has been almost two months since the world-famous artist's death. Since then, artists from all genres have been paying tribute to the star in different ways. Multiple EDM artists have remixed or tributed songs to Avicii during shows and festivals throughout the year.

The clip of the song was shared by Reddit user¬†u/ZEROA9¬†last night. The clip of the song is only 36 seconds long, but Avicii's style and influence are prevalent. The big room progressive track is similar to other songs by Arty like “Together We Are” and “Kate”.

Listen to the snippet here:

Arty made a song for avicii called “For Tim” from r/EDM

The full song is not yet released but is rumored to be coming out soon. Keep an eye on the artist's social media and streaming sites for details!

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