Flume's iconic remix of Disclosure's ‘You & Me' will go down as a timeless classic. Not only did we name it one of the top 20 best remixes of all time, but actually named it as one of the most important events in the last decade of dance music. There have been tons of videos of performings playing out this remix but we might have found the most impressive one yet.

German Street Band Recreates Flume's ‘You & Me' Remix Live

The German street band, MEUTE is made up of some seriously talented musicians. Including numerous horn players, percussionists and more, the group is a main stay on the streets of Berlin. Recently they had one of their renditions go viral on Facebook and for good reason.

In the video below you can see the group perform Flume's remix to a crowd that is absolutely dazzled. It is truly impressive considering this is a pretty technical remix to make even on a computer, yet these guys have pulled it off on instruments. You will undoubtedly have goosebumps by the end! Check it out below.

Featured Photo Credit: Speedfest

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