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The 10 Most Influential EDM News Stories of 2007-2017

The last decade has been an absolutely insane 10 years for electronic dance music. That being said where the scene was in 2007 is world's different from what we have today. There have been hundreds of pieces of EDM news that has changed the way we look at the scene. Therefore we have decided to take a look back at the most influential moments in EDM News over the last ten years. The list is in chronological order. Don't see something that you think we need to include? Drop your opinion in the comments.

2007: Daft Punk Alive 2007 Coachella

This piece of EDM News is one that everyone has probably heard. On April 29th, 2007 Daft Punk debuted their trademark pyramid stage at Coachella in southern CA. This would end up shaping the next 10 years of live productions. Fans now demanded a visual show as well as a display of musical talent. In addition to the jaw dropping stage design, the set Daft Punk proceeded to play is still ranked as the best single performance to ever have taken place at the historic festival.

2009: The Creation of the UKF Dubstep Channel (Youtube)

If you are thinking that you have never heard of the UKF Dubstep Channel on Youtube, all you need to do is look at the logo above. The beyond famous channel is almost solely responsible for bridging the gap between the forward thinking minds of UK bass music like Rusko, and Flux to the ever hungry commercial audience that was the USA.

2009: Deadmau5 Releases “Strobe”

Song releases are difficult to be called EDM news, since they happen everyday. That being said there are some that come along and you know in that moment things will never be the same. Example 1 – Deadmau5 and is legendary track Strobe. The 10 minute introspective masterpiece is still regarded as possibly the greatest piece of electronic music ever created.

2010: Skrillex Releases “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”

Here we find another track which changed the game. Skrillex was still a relatively unknown name in the mainstream community when he dropped his single “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” back in 2010. Little did we know that the sound design featured in the track would forever change the path on which dubstep was heading. After that release, Skrillex became a house hold name and world of bass music changed forever.

2012: The Break Up of Swedish House Mafia

Swedish House Mafia To Release The Live Soundtrack Soon

While Swedish House Mafia officially broke up after their final performance at Ultra in 2013, they announced the end of an era in 2012. This piece of news shook the community to the ground. Swedish House Mafia were responsible for bringing so many people into the world of dance music that the idea of the super group no longer existing seemed surreal. After creating their first radio hit “Don't You Worry Child” the group toured together for the last time in the 2012, wrapping up the permanently following March.

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2013: Cancellation of Electric Zoo Day 3

Steve Aoki Uploads Electric Zoo 2013 Mix

When this piece of EDM news broke back in 2011 it was almost like the world was ending. Up until this point the media had a relatively non existent relationship with dance music. Then when the major NYC festival was forced to cancel it's last day after drug related deaths and sexual assaults, the mainstream media started an all out witch hunt on electronic music and it's associated events. The sensationalism was so great, we still feel the affects today.

2013: Martin Garrix Releases Animals

Hate it or love it, this track damn near broke the world of electronic dance music. It was the first time a ‘big room drop' broke onto the scene. Garrix who was a relative nobody at the time exploded to fame with his signature track. “Animals” features a minimal drop which at the time was incredibly unexpected, the track made it's way into the mainstream having been featured in countless advertisements and memes. The notable drop of the track soon changed the way main stage music was made and the craze of big room began.

2013: Flume Release his remix of Disclosure's “You & Me”

This entry will probably be a sore one for some people reading this list. In terms of EDM news stories I am sure many people do not believe that this remix was truly that historic. That being said the Aussie changed things forever with his biggest hit. Flume's remix of “You & Me” gave birth to the future bass genre, which in turn gave rise to bass house and the entire “fuck genres” movement. The sound design was so forward thinking and the hook was so catchy, that this remix could be found playing almost anywhere you went.

2013: Avicii's Debut of “Wake Me Up” Bombs at Ultra

Avicii is one of the undisputed legends of dance music. His early works such as “Bromance”, “Penguin” and of course “Levels” were some of the most exciting track of their time. Featuring upbeat progressive house hooks that seemed to get stuck in your head for days, his tracks are musical gold . He took a massive risk at Ultra in 2013 when he played out his country cross over “Wake Me Up” for the first time. The track bombed at the festival as it was so unexpected. Nobody could have guessed that it would end up being one of the largest main stream hits the world of dance music had ever seen.

2014: Daft Punk Wins Album of the Year at the Grammys

Daft Punk Presents Best Female Video Award, But Still No Performance

It seems right to finish our list where we started, with the kings of electronic music. Daft Punk released “Random Access Memories” in 2014, and the album was an instant hit both critically and commercially. They received an absurd amount of nominations from the academy that year, and in turn just about swept the Grammys. This was the first time that an electronic music artist(s) won album of year, and by doing so the duo forever legitimized electronic dance music to the rest of the creative world.

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