The Indianapolis 500 has become synonymous with dance music the past few years. In an attempt to attract a younger audience to the massive race organizers started booking some of the biggest DJs in the world From Zedd to Diplo, The Indianapolis 500 Snake Pit has seen some major names in dance music over the last few years. Deadmau5 was on this year's bill, but the heat of the race ended up getting the best of his equipment.

Deadmau5 At The Indy 500

Temperatures were blazing hot in Indianapolis this past week and the humidity did not help the situation at all. Deadmau5 took to the stage in the heat of the day, and the pure fire from his tracklist mixed with the blazing weather ended up being too much for his equipment to handle. Not long into his set Deadmau5's laptop overheated and shorted out, causing a delay in his set.

As he always does Deadmau5 was candid with the audience and quickly worked to remedy the situation. While it might have killed the flow of the set, Mau5 quickly fixed the problem and played out a truly memorable set. Watch the video of the short mishap below.