Today (May 25th), Chris Viviano has released one of his biggest songs to date. The song titled “Ocean” has been released as he makes his way to some of the biggest festivals in Norway, Germany, and Netherlands this summer.

The song was released via Pack The Pool alongside KnightVision and Warner Music Amsterdam.

Read what Chris Viviano had to say about the song below.

Hey Chris Viviano, really loving the song “Ocean” you are putting out here. What's your plans for your tour this summer?

Thank you! I’m really happy about the release.

I have been working on the track for a while, so it feels really good to finally show it to you.

I’m really looking forward to my summer tour, I got some amazing festivals and club gigs coming up, tho I can’t reveal all of them yet since they aren’t announced, but It is just around the corner. What I can say is that it’s gonna be a busy summer and I’m gonna visit some of the biggest clubs and festivals in Norway.

How did you get inspiration for this song?

My inspiration for Ocean was the tour I had in 2017. After touring that summer I had been working on and off with that track. After playing at a festival near my hometown, I’m from a small island called Herøy up in north of Norway. Its surrounded whit the northern sea. The vibe and the crowd was amazing, it was also my first time playing there. So after that I went straight back to Oslo and finished it.

Tell us about how you got into music and started producing?

I have always been into music since I was kid, I remember from pictures that I had a red cassette player that I always was carrying around. When I got older I went to the local music school and I was always the dj at school party’s and at the youth club. When I moved to Oslo I started studying music design at Kristiania. So now I’m here and I’m super excited to show you my new single.

Stream Chris Viviano's New Single ‘Ocean'