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How To Convert Cassette to Digital

Do you have a box of old cassette tapes lying around your house? Wondering what to do with them? Well, don't throw them out just yet! There is a way to convert those old cassettes into digital files that you can play on your computer or portable device. In this blog post, we will show you how to do it!

How To Convert Cassette to Digital (2 Options)

USB Cassette Converter

The easiest way to convert your cassettes into a digital format is by using a USB cassette converter. This device connects to your computer via USB and allows you to listen to the cassette while it records the audio onto your computer in MP3 format.

Once you have connected the device and installed any necessary software, you will be ready to start recording! Simply press play on the cassette deck and hit record on your computer – et voila! Your cassette has been converted into a digital file.

Reshow Cassette Player – Portable Tape Player Captures MP3 Audio Music via USB – Compatible with Laptops and Personal Computers – Convert Walkman Tape Cassettes to iPod Format (Silver)
  • CONVERTS TAPE TO MP3 – Our unique tape recorder quickly converts old cassettes to MP3 format via a USB cable. Also works with laptop CD burners.
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  • VERSATILE DESIGN – Works perfectly with any standard 3.5mm AUX jack, meaning you can use headphones, earbuds, or an audio port to your car speakers.

Digitize from An Old Tape Deck

If you happen to have an old cassette deck lying around, then you can use that instead of the USB converter. All you need is a few cables – a line-in cable to connect your cassette deck to the computer and a special Y adapter cable so that you can both listen to and record the audio at the same time.

Once everything is connected, launch the recording software on your computer and hit play on the cassette deck. Once it has finished playing, stop the recording and save it as an MP3 file onto your computer.

DIGITNOW USB Audio Capture Card Grabber for Vinyl Cassette Tapes to Digital MP3 Converter, Support Mac & Windows 10/8.1/8 / 7 / Vista/XP
  • USB audio grabber with 3.5mm and R/L audio connector input, via usb connected to pc, recording audio into computer and convert to MP3/WAV
  • Audio Capture Card, Plug and play, no extra power supply. Easy to record from Microphone/Line In/Auxiliary input
  • Coming with professional audio capture/converting software ( Audacity) and online updating

How to Use Audacity for Digitization

If you want to get a bit more technical with your cassette-to-digital conversions, then you can use a free program called Audacity. With this, you can easily record the audio and make any necessary edits afterwards.

To start, simply connect your tape deck (or USB converter) to your computer and open Audacity. Then press Record on Audacity and Play on the cassette deck – et voila! You have successfully digitized your cassette. After that, you can just drag and drop the file into iTunes or another music player of your choice and enjoy!


Converting cassettes into digital files is actually quite easy – whether you are using a USB converter or an old tape deck. If you want to get a bit more technical, then you can use the free program Audacity to record and edit your audio files. So if you have a box of old cassettes lying around, don't throw them out just yet! Give this method a try and enjoy all your favorite tunes in digital format.

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