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BREAKING: Sebastian Ingrosso Posts Picture Possibly Confirming New Swedish House Mafia Performance

It seems that all the hype around the Swedish House Mafia reunion has died down now that Ultra is but a small point in our rearview mirrors. Well, that was the case until today. Sebastian Ingrosso has posted a mysterious, if not, downright weird photo to his Instagram story that seems to hint at more Swedish House Mafia dates.

Swedish House Mafia Tour Rumors Re-Ignite

During their Ultra 2018 performance Swedish House Mafia announced that this time, they were back together for life. Many fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that this meant the group was reuniting and would tour together once again. Since that time though there has been nothing but radio silence from the supergroup.

Sebastian Ingrosso posted the below picture to his Instagram story today that raises many questions. The flyer which is in Swedish gives a line up which includes Swedish House Mafia and says that the show is being thrown at Krusmynta Garden in collaboration with 2 Fresh Entertainment.

More Questions Than Answers

A Google search of both names really provides no answers. A search for The Gardens only returns small shops and restaurants in the town of Krusmyntavägen on the island of Gotland, Sweden. The town itself looks like a quaint Swedish shore town and in short, does not appear to be a place where any concert would be held, let alone a Swedish House Mafia set. A search for 2 Fresh Entertainment does not return anything that would make sense in this situation. This, of course, could be a line up for an unreleased festival? Though it seems highly unlikely.

So is this a fake lineup that Ingrosso got a kick out of and shared? Or could this possibly mean that Swedish House Mafia has more dates planned? To be honest, I have no idea what is going on here, but it is no doubt quite interesting as it comes straight from the source. Something is afoot here folks, so definitely keep it on your radar, we will let you know if any news develops.


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