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Swarm Drops a Dark Three Track EP – Corrupt

SWARM has busted on to the scene with a 3 track EP titled Corrupt. Dark house, a hybrid of industrial techno and house music, is a growing genre brought to light by artists like Rezz, Charlie Darker, and BlackGummy. Gritty could be used to describe this style as well and the Jacksonville FL native has an abundance of that. Listen to these fantastic tracks below and don't forget to grab the free downloads on each of them!

This EP is dark, aggressive, and authentic to me as a person and an artist. – SWARM

The title track Corrupt is the first track on the EP. The track starts off with harmonized vocals. A saturated bassline is the first indication that happiness is not the main focus SWARM'S production style. The drop chugs along maintaining the overall industrial feel of the EP.

Reaper is the middle track and begins with echoing knocks. The bassline enters along with the drums which sill have mechanical precision. The vocals come in bringing a dark G-house vibe. The percussion is the real star of this track with sharp hard hitting machine gun drums. Reaper is a powerful track that really showcases the edge to Swarm’s productions style.

Sweet Dreams closes out with a long drawn out intro highlighted by haunting vocals, the eerie track slowly floats along until the drop thumps down like a hammers nailing down train track spikes in some steampunk fantasy. The marching track drums along until it closes out with a chilling piano riff.

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