New York City based duo, Ishaan Chaudhary & Will Curry, better known to most as Memba, are back with a massive new original single with Mothica called “Chasing Light” and I can't get enough of it. The fire future bass production is the perfect instrumental for Mothica's angelic voice to float on top of. Stream and download “Chasing Light” below now, and read a quote from the vocalist under the stream. This one is seriously super dope!

“MEMBA's music is so colorful and my songwriting is often faded and grey, so I thought disguising some of my darkest thoughts amongst their bright sounds would be an interesting pairing. We wrote this back in October at a time where I was going out in New York a lot to avoid being alone after a relationship of mine ended. The line about ‘Chasing light' is also a reference to a ‘moth attracted to the light' and how that light is sometimes self-destruction.” Mothica