Many questions have been circulating as to who exactly is playing a special performance this Ultra Miami. For it’s 20th Anniversary, the loved festival plans to go bigger than ever, especially with special guests. Who’s performing? No one knows, but Ultra has specifically stated to “Expect the Unexpected.”

Can it be Swedish House Mafia? The beloved group who said goodbye at Ultra’s 15 Anniversary. Can it be Daft Punk? The electronic duo that hasn’t performed at a festival for years. So many questions, yet no offical answers.

Today, Ultra took to Twitter to hint about the possible answer to the mysterious question.

The Mystery Deepens

If you see the ultra patches, many symbolize the number 3. The Ultra flag patch has three black dots on the left of the Ultra symbol, possibly symbolizing Swedish House Mafia. On the patch of the planet, there are exactly three rings. It seems certain the Swedish House Mafia may be performing, but unfortunately, there is no confirmation yet. There is also a possibility that it could be Daft Punk, for gold and silver are the duos colors. Not only this, but the two dots below the astronauts helmet are silver and gold, which can possibly represent the helmets of the duo.

What do you think? See any other symbols that can symbolize another special artist? Leave us your comments below.

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