Avicii's next project isn't going to be in dance music. Actually, Avicii's next project isn't even music related. For Avicii's next project, the DJ and producer is seeking out his homeland's very first cold brew coffee company, MODE Cold Brew.

“In the studio, I have always relied on energy drinks until I discovered cold brew coffee. When Mode Cold Brew was launching in Sweden it just felt natural to be a part of that. When I had the first taste of Mode I knew that it was the right choice,” said Avicii.

MODE Cold Brew started with the simple question ‘why does every single refreshing energy drink out there, even the ones pledging to be healthy, contain tons of sugar, sweeteners or additives? We were baffled and annoyed by how dirty the beverage industry was and still is.” Since its origination, MODE has been several months of working with top class baristas in the search of the perfect coffee beans, optimizing roasting- and cold brewing methods, we had our very own smashing answer: Mode Cold Brew Coffee!

Check out Avicii's new investment below.