It's always refreshing to hear a new tune from an up-and-coming producer that you've never heard of — and I write that as the sincerest compliment possible. It's a genuinely great feeling.

The latest release from John MacCallum, or King John, had me feeling exactly that.

Starting his career with The Henry Millers as the band's main songwriter, MacCallum has also worked with a variety of other artists while beginning to score feature films and high-end brand commercials. He's a class act that's simply what the industry is in need of right now.

In a genre filled with generic blah after blah, King John's latest is just so refreshing. Featuring Bryce Drew, “Mismatched” not only brings a fun production, but the track comes with the cutest message:

“‘Mismatched' was a song that started about socks, but in the end it is exploring the thought that two objects, ideas or people, that are completely different in nature, can often be the most wonderful of pairs.” – King John

Socks?! That's what I said! It's cute. It's fun. It's refreshing. Listen to “Mismatched” by King John, exclusively on EDM Sauce, below!