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Exclusive Premiere

Where It’s ATT – Midnight [EDM Sauce Interview + Premier]

DJ & Producer group Where It's ATT are an upcoming duo (and family members – brothers) based out of Sydney, Australia. Creating a unique twist on House music ranging from various sub-genres within, these two have a bright future ahead of them! Their new single “Midnight” is a G-House thomper that is the perfect song to kick off your weekend with. Deep, bass filled dirty house music that is bound to get you moving on this wonderful Friday evening. Stream Where It's ATT's new single “Midnight” below now, and under that check out our brief Q&A with the guys.

Where did you two meet?
We met in our living room when mum brought one of us back from the
hospital actually. We are brothers.
How long have you been making music?
We’ve been making music seriously for almost three years now although we
have always been interested in music. When we were younger we used to
play around with software like eJay just putting samples together to make a
song. Listening back, we cringe, but hey, everyone starts somewhere.
What are your guys favorite 5 albums?
Wow, five albums, we don’t really listen to full albums much any more to be
honest, more singles or EPs. In regards to the most influential tracks which got
us into G-House, it would have to be Malaa’s music. We love what NuKid is
doing at the moment and Drezo’s tracks go hard.
If you could create music with anyone (Dead or alive) who would it be and why?
We would love to work with Dr. Dre, I think bringing that old school Hip-Hop
vibe to G-House is exactly what the genre needs and some great music could
be made.
How did this new single come about?
The lyrics came about while making lunch one day actually. Then we
structured the music around that vocal. With this track we wanted to go for
something similar to our first G-House track ‘No Time’. We got positive
feedback from that track and that’s the direction we see ourselves heading
with our originals. In essence we wanted to follow that track up with
something a little heavier.
What's next for you guys?
We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some great artists recently,
both within Australia and overseas. Those projects are scheduled for release
in the coming months. We also have a few official G-House remixes being
released very soon which we are very excited about.
What is the music scene in Australia like?
At the moment there are some super talented music producers coming out of
Australia and they’re being recognized on a global scale, which is great. There
are also some great Aussie labels leading the way in the Electronic Music industry right now. It’s definitely going to be exciting to see where the music
scene in Australia will head in the next few years.
Do you guys prefer making music or DJing live?
Having started off as DJ’s we love performing and playing to a crowd. We love
getting people to have a great time and us having a great time along with
them. Daniel definitely gets super excited when performing to bigger crowds,
you’ll see him jumping all over the stage for sure. Then we think playing our
own music while doing that just takes things to a whole new level and makes
the performance a lot more personal and unique. It is very rewarding seeing
people dancing to our music after spending hours upon hours working on it.



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