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Paul Damixie Guest Mix | Interview – The Recipe Volume 036

Hailing from the exotic lands of Romania, Paul Damixie is a producer, remixer, and DJ with a visionary style. Already a sensation in his home country, his knack for crafting pop music hooks has recently grabbed the attention of American FM radio programmers. In 2016, Damixie won the “Best Remix” award presented by the “Remix Top30 Countdown” and iHeartRadio for his rework of Adele’s “Hello.”

His latest single from Paul Damixie is “Get Lost,” a song enjoying great popularity in Europe before going viral amongst Spotify users in the U.S. We got a few minutes to speak with Paul about all things music and more, as well as also get a dope guest mix from the man himself, check em out below!



EDMSauce: Congratulations on the success with your latest single, “Get Lost,” which was released on Universal Music worldwide! What was the inspiration behind that song?
Paul Damixie: I really wanted people to enjoy and have a good time listening to “Get Lost” all over the world and I’m really glad that it was released with Universal Music! In those days when “Get Lost” was made, I was listening to a lot of Duke Dumont, Clean Bandit, and Gorgon City and I think you can feel their influences in the basslines, the piano and the grooves of the track.

You won “Best Remixer” at the “Remix Top30 Countdown” media and artist event at the iHeartRadio Music Lounge in Miami two years ago (during Miami Music Week). Steve Angelo even presented you the award! How does that make you feel?
Paul Damixie: Yeah, that was one of the highlights of my career so far and I still can`t believe that it happened. I didn`t expect a remix that I made in two hours just for fun to be played by radio stations all over the world! It was crazy to see messages from as far away as Honduras, Hawai’i or India coming in, from all different people listening to my remix.

What's your secret to making an award-winning remix? What's your process like in choosing which song to remix?
Paul Damixie: Usually, I just make remixes of tracks that I want to play in my sets. I think the secret is to make something that will keep the vibe of the original track and just add some of your own flavor on top. And don`t overthink it, don`t make it super complicated, try to keep it nice and simple.

Where are some of the biggest festivals and/or nightclubs you've played in your career?
Paul Damixie: The biggest, I think it was last year in Moscow at the Europa Plus Live where I played a set in front of more than 100,000 people! Now I`m really looking forward to some big events this year too, maybe on other continents too.

Why were those venues/parties so memorable?
Paul Damixie: Because of the people that had a good time listening to my music. I love the energy that a festival crowd gives you. When I play in front of a good crowd, I feel that I can play music for seven days straight without getting tired.

You're from Romania, a large, culturally rich nation that's part of the European Union. For our readers not familiar with Romanian culture, can you tell us what the nightlife and clubbing/EDM scene is like over there?
Paul Damixie: If you are not familiar with Romania, you should book a flight and come have some fun here. We have really nice clubs, underground parties, and awesome festivals during the summer. All the big DJs love to come back and play for the Romanian crowds. And let`s not forget about the beautiful girls.

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What are you working on right now?
Paul Damixie: I`m working on a lot of new music and remixes that I will probably release in 2018. I also started my residency at the biggest dance radio station from Romania, Dance FM, where I have a radio show every week.

Where can our readers catch you DJ'ing live?
Paul Damixie: The easiest way to find out my touring schedule is to follow me on Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram. I always keep my followers updated with gigs and new releases.

You always seem very cool, calm and collected in person. It seems like you never get ruffled or stressed-out! How do you keep so cool under pressure?
Paul Damixie: [laughs] A lot of people have asked me this. How can I get stressed-out when I have the best Job in the world? I`m just trying to be focused on what I have to do. If I get nervous or stressed-out, nothing good will happen, so I just relax and enjoy making or playing music.

What's the most important thing you want people to know about you?
Paul Damixie: That I`m in love with good music. Any genre, any style, any language if it`s good music. I think people must be more open-minded and listen to more music in general. Just buy a CD, a vinyl or even download an album and sit down and listen to it. Not while you drive, or when you work or do homework. Just take a seat and listen to some music.

Parting words to your fans?
Paul Damixie: I hope to see you guys soon and don`t forget to stay awesome. Music is the answer!



Photo Credit: Victor Detto

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