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New Music Artist of the Week: hubstcy

Good Morning everyone! Hope you had a fantastic week so far, we sure have! We are able to announce yet another Artist of the Week for He's been around the Sauce circuit before and he's come back super-strong with yet another production. You know his name, hubstcy, also known as hubby.

hubstcy has been a regular here at, as we're really attracted to his production style of ambient, dark waves, and overall ambiguity in his productions. Every single submission we come across of hubstcy, we are always more and more impressed, he seemingly is able to create intricate productions with the simplest of ideas. Take this record below, one of his older ones, however it shows the outside the box attitude that puts hubstcy above all other up and coming artists trying to fit into a mold.

His productions range from dark, experimental tracks with dub influences, all the way to pop style, lyrically driven records with future bass backgrounds. He continues to impress us on all fronts from production talent, sound designs, and above all, personality. We've had a few opportunities to sit down with this young artist and it's always an absolute pleasure. He's very deserving of this honor.

hubstcy, to review, has released a ton of music this year, including his newest EP with Taylor Straughn on vocals, which featured a 2 set compilation of future bass records, breathing new life into the genre. The tracks were signature hubstcy, as the overall mix and master were spot on to create a tension throughout the entire record, breaking down into miniature drops before hitting the crescendo in the outro. This taste making EP really caught our ear and we were really happy to feature it. You can check it out below.

After taking all the time to listen to his incredible music, make sure you give hubstcy a follow, and keep up with his always awesome music. Thank you to all for helping us give spotlight to up and coming artists! We look forward to a huge 2018!

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