It has been reported by Consequence of Sound that the headliners for the 2018 edition of Coachella will be Eminem, The Weeknd and Beyonce. If these sources are correct it will be the first time in the history of the festival where a rock band does not hold a headlining spot.

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Is It Possible?

Honestly these leaked names do make a ton of sense. Eminem is embarking on another come back tour after dropping a disastrously bad album, Beyonce needs to reclaim her throne after deciding to step down due to her pregnancy last year, and The Weeknd just wrapped up an unbelievably successful world tour.

The Weeknd Summer Set 15

We have to imagine that these will be the headlining acts at Coachella 2018. Obviously The Weeknd also means Daft Punk rumors will fly high once again. Will the French duo come out during his set? No they absolutely will not be you better believe we are going to write some articles around the fact that it could happen. Stay tuned for the legitimate lineup in January to see if these rumors were in fact correct.