Last weekend, Ephwurd released their latest single “Function” featuring Oneeva. The single is the third single Ephwurd has released off their new record label, Eph'd Up Records.” This single would definitely have to be the best track that they have released thus far on the new label. Ephwurd and Oneeva teamed up to create this future bass track that will have fans dancing throughout all of its entirety. Oneeva's Natalie Kyoko Waters, is the vocalist in the track. Her voice creates a sort of nostalgia to some trance classics that many of us have grown to love. The melody of the track truly complements the electro synths and wobbling bassline used in this masterpiece. There is no doubt that this track will have everyone walking onto the dancefloor. Truthfully, there is no way you can deny dancing to this incredible track.

Check out the impressive track below

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