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Alex Midi’s Newest Track, ‘Send’, Addresses Our Social Media Addiction in a Clever Way

Today we are bringing you something pretty cool from Mexican producer, Alex Midi. Signed to Universal’s Aftercluv imprint, Alex Midi has produced more than 100 songs for top Latin artists and has received more than 10 gold and platinum albums for his work as a music producer and as a member of the bands Moenia, No Disco and Jotdog.

Alex Midi Brings us something pretty clever with his newest track, ‘Send', that address our generation's seemingly addictive personality when it comes to social media and technology. I guess you could say this, “Black Mirrior-esque” electronic dance track really shows us something new on the scene that nobody has really touched on.

Ironically, the music in our realm really is meant to free ourselves in the moment and to connect with each other, whether it be in the crowds at music festivals, club scenes, or even at the underground after hours events.

But too often, (I myself being guilty; we all are don't act so innocent) we see people staring through their phones video Camera lens for minutes or even hours at a time, recording set after set, or going ‘live' to show all of their friends what the show or festival they may be at.

This track really pulls on the strings of the over reliance some place on social media, and playfully creates a nice, progressive, uplifting record that can drag us out of the technological hole we find ourselves buried in, and rediscover the music that made us love this scene so much.

Get your noses out of your phones, forget about social media, and listen to the music! Alex Midi shows us exactly that with his newest track, Send.

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