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New Music Artist of the Week: nej!las

Hey EDMSauce fans! Thanks for tuning into yet another series of our Artist of the Week. Today we are featuring a dark, techno driven artist going by the state name of nej!las. nej!las really takes on a different approach to dance music and found a way to rise above the mainstream and finds a way to deliver tracks that are really out of the box on the daily.

nej!las came onto our radar recently as we dive deep for new up and coming artists daily, and nej!las' tracks really spoke to us. Although very simplistic with repetition built into the nature of the records, there is an artist in the making and soon to hit the spotlight, or maybe even your after hours party. Either way, we can totally vouch for nej!las and the productions that follow.

Below is a record titled resolution that takes on a few different elements of techno, tech house, deep house, and a bit of electronica. All of these genres are bound together, melded by expert production, and then released to give the listener a brand new taste making experience that features not only emotion stabbing riffs, melodies, and harmonies, but also transport the listener into a near distopian future of musical existence.

It seems the feel that nej!las wants to go for is a transcending experience while keeping a track cohesive enough to be played at festivals, after hours gigs, and clubs around the world. We always love uncovering new artists and showing them off to the world, and nej!las will not disappoint. Thanks so much for checking in with us for this Artist of the week Series! We hope to see you again soon!

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